The End Of My Year

jolly-rodgerThe date is currently Saturday December 10 2016.

I have to be at my full time job tomorrow by 6 am. I do need to go to bed, but I need to get a lot of my life in order. The last few weeks of this year are going to be busy, but I need to structure my life more. No more whatever I want when I want it. I need a few things.

  1. exercise
  2. income
  3. happy wife

These are the things I have determined to be the most important for the next few weeks(Not necessarily in that order). My main goal is to make the wife happy. I have done what I can and managed to even get gifts I think she will truly enjoy. now exercise. definitely a struggle. The last however is not solely on my shoulders to produce. I need to appeal as an employee to someone willing to pay me for services. I have done that, but in this part of this country(New Jersey, USA) I cannot live on the income I have.

I started this website among other small endeavors this month as a push to maybe find my working “home” on the internet. Almost everyone has a way they could make money online. The problem is knowing that opportunity is there and taking that opportunity in time. The final weeks of 2016 are a challenge for me because I have set a goal to have my business laid out, and my plans in motion. Day 1 of 2017 is going to be a new beginning for me. My YouTube and all will continue, but so much new will begin.


Jake AKA Haz